On 14th August 1947, the mega event of the subcontinent separated two lands of India and Pakistan. But Indian prejudice never set out in Peace. Even Hindus of subcontinent already influenced Radcliffe Line with their politics. This separated eastern and western Pakistan and afterward completely parted. According to the division of areas, major rivers were coming from India. This started the water conspiracies in the whole region. Historians and researchers were already predicting wars over resources. Pakistan took water issues many times on international forums but every now and then India went against water treaties. Following are some of the reasons for this vigorous Indian water bomb established by India for Pakistan

  • Pakistan; Sacred Prediction of Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him): From the very first day of separation, India is the undoubted enemy of Pakistan stability and development. In seventy years of our creation, India tried each and every means to harm Pakistan whether it is attacking our sacred land, buying traitors, snatching Kashmir or blocking water supply, but they never understood Pakistan is with the GRACE of Almighty Prayer of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). This land is created to live forever. As Quaid said “there is nothing on Earth that can undo Pakistan. We are the people of valor and courage that world has witnessed in every calamity.
  • CPEC Hit On India: CPEC is a game changer in the region, not only for Pakistan but also for other Asian countries. CPEC is just like the worst nightmare for India as it is going to make Pakistan the strongest country in Asia. From the day first, of CPEC contracts between China and Pakistan, India is trying to sabotage it. The Indian water bomb conspiracy is part of this envy and prejudice. India is trying to divert the river toward Rajasthan to turn the deserted areas into cultivated land but in fact, India is trying hard to divert the Kishan Ganga to turn Pakistan into a desert. Also, India is constructing more than twenty small dams over the rivers flowing to Pakistan to block the water supply of Pakistan. In India, some of the dams were already constructed under the violation of UN water treaty between India and Pakistan. India is investing in traitors to create fake fiasco over every non-issue in Pakistan. Some of the black sheep are posing patriotic and spreading regional discrimination over the construction of Kala Bagh Dam.
  • Kala Bagh Dam: Kala Bagh Dam is our dire need of the hour. We need some serious strategy on the construction of Dams. As an analyst, researchers and water management authorities already told about the depleting water resources. In the next coming five years, it is estimated that we are going to lose our major proportion of water. This is alarming as India is already contributing toward our desertification. Our people need to understand that if we will not construct dams, no one in the world would be able to save us. International media is already predicting Pakistan to become next Ethiopia. We should focus on all of our energies and investments toward constructing tools of our survival, the dams. Many philanthropists, overseas Pakistanis and people of Pakistan are offering their fortune to construct Kala Bagh Dam.

Contributed by: Sidra Munir Member Positive Pakistan

(The author is Lahore-based,lecturer, zoologist and a blogger.)