Few days back, Positive Pakistan Hyderabad Chapter has visited Civil Hospital, Hyderabad. Hyderabad is well known city for its culture and delicious food items but unfortunately it has single civil hospital with miserable condition. There were four members of the team who spent whole day with patients. They visited different wards and had a bit good talk with them. The analysis and observation they picked were shocking and pity. Humans were treating worse than animals. Cold hearted and neglecting authority with ruthless attitude had no attention on dying patients. On asking from patients; they told very sad story. Doctors don’t have time to check them properly.  Fans are out of order since June. There were no water and air cooler arrangements. Catheters were of poor quality. Needles were manufactured poorly. Some patients had blue spot on arm due to an infection that acquired during blood aspiration. Hospital staff had most adverse behavior. Patients have not been checked since days. Lack of rules and regulations were observed. Serious condition patients had no space in treatment room hence they were laying down in hospital's corridors. Wash rooms were not properly cleaned. Hospital air was depressing enough to make them ill more.

Doctors whom appraise as angel in humanity are worse than devil in hell. They forced needy and poor people to have test in private laboratory. Civil hospital does not provide any free medicine to patients. Sanitary conditions were destructive. Rate of hospital acquired infection is high with lack of sterilization equipment. Hospitals beds were old with no acceptable room facilities. Patients with pity circumstance left no choice but this cruel and unkind staff. 

The only question rises in mind every day, why these people are treating in dejected condition when they already fighting with life. Why staff, doctors and management are menacing with nebulous people. The ill ones are those who need affection care and love!

May Allah bless every dark person with light, cruel with kindness and brutal with love. Ameen!

Contributed by: Khadija Anwar Mission Holder Positive Pakistan
(The author is student of BS Microbiology at Govt. College University Faisalabad,  caseworker, article writer and bibliophile.)