People  hesitate to fast in summer due to fear of domestic changes, dehydration and time duration. Surely fasting is a virtue and having handful effect on a body. Fasting supports Body metabolism, cells impairment and hormone regulation. Here is a list of fasting benefits;

  • It is excellent tool for weight loss, a study showed; non - obese person lost 4% of his weight. Obese individuals lose 5.5 pounds weight in period of eight week. 

  • This is important in burning fat, insulin level get decreased. When all these parameters collaborate, body changes in fat burning machine.

  • Fasting has been found to have good effects on muscles mass. It promotes muscles building by burning fat. It optimizes muscles growth. Fasting is advised for training days, while athletes are encouraged to eat on game days.

  • Body becomes insulin resistance by continuous sugar intake. It may lead to chronic diseases. If you do not want to go with it then you must keep body insulin sensitive. Fasting is effective parameter for having insulin sensitive body.

  • Ghrelin is a hunger hormone. Through fasting it normalizes. It regulates in more effective way and tells the body when to eat and when to back off from meal.

  • Fasting control cholesterol level and make you healthy. High cholesterol level has chances for heart disease. Fasting help to prevent from heart diseases by reducing triglyceride.

  • As mentioned, fasting can cause the body to produce more Human Growth Hormone. This hormone is connected to the aging process. When the body produces less HGH, it tends to age faster too. So in effect it is safe. In conclusion  fasting can help the body age more slowly.

Contributed By: Khadija Anwar
Faisalabad Chapter