The cruel society has given many names to the transgender community such as Khawaja Sara, Khusra, Hijra, Kiner etc just to ridicule them.

My question is that, are they belong to another planet or are they some kind of “Khalayi Makhlok”, then why they always face all the harassment, bullying and discrimination of whole world since their birth to death.

We just outcaste them at time of their birth. Who has given us authority like God or some super being to blame them to be a transgender, it is the nature who choose this challenge for them, not themselves. It is quite alarming that from where this indistinct behavior comes from, it is due to our ignorance or biasness that resulted into hate and ridicule of weaker community.

Why they are not allowed to have quality education or permission to choose their careers. They don’t have access to medical facilities, nor have separate public bathrooms because their identity is their biggest crime.

Transgender are also humans, they have heart with feelings and brains with intellect, they also deserve all the respect and basic necessities of life. We just need to understand their pain and struggle as they are most deprived ones. Now, it is time to raise voice that transgender people needed to be cared, valued, loved and treated fairly.

The solution to this kind of treatment is social acceptance by spreading awareness at each public platform about the Transgender Protection Bills 2017 in Pakistan.

Education is the greatest weapon to bring the real change in society and lets, education become an icebreaker to bring change in cultural taboos and biased attitude towards them. The state and society both have to show flexibility in providing equal opportunities in the field of education and health sector and implementing proper policies of social acceptance and rights and help them in their careers to eliminate poverty, crime and depression among them.

Contributed by: Sadia Khalid Mission Holder Positive Pakistan 

(The author is Lahore-based PhD Scholar, Visiting Lecturer and Blogger.)