You pass a smile to a person for a while he also smiles in return forgetting all his worries for a while. Your greetings to an unknown person he feels good at time and greet you back, that make him feel important. You pass a compliment to a fellow, he feels confident. Your just one word of appreciation make the one performs better and work harder. Your gratitude makes the other happy. Your words of apology make the bond of friendship. Your polite and calm words mixture of respect and love may be the shine of the eyes of your parents. Your words of condolence lessen the burden of worries. Your words of celebration on the other success double someone pleasure.  Your stimulating words might be the hope for a large community. One good word may change the entire lives of the nation.

Your harsh words may hurt a poor who is already disappointed by the challenges of the life, and at the edge. Your one words as a teacher may feel a student that he is a failure. Your raspy words can discourage the already shy person. Your unpleasant behavior may hurt the one already in adversity.

Briefly speaking, think before you speak, because Words are the power, they are important, they are the mirror of our thoughts, index of the life-book and reflection of our personality. Words are soothing like the roses however, sharper than the sword. At times they are the comfort zone at times they are like the thrones. Speech is the most complex human activity, moreover influencing others deeply as well. Most commonly we didn’t focus on the words and most probably the accent we are using. Our words can make someone’s day or on the other hand can on can loose his last hope just as by listening to a good speaker, we feel motivated and encouraged. While listening to a negative talk or bad news turn the mood off.

Quality of public speaking is a God gifted one. With greatness come greater responsibility, as a leader or reformer at any level, one should be selective and precise for his words. A leader should be polite and motivating. Everyone is combating the battle of life and trying to survive, everyone is entangled in the hurricane of crisis our words can their situation more critical. So, for being the motivation, hope and sunrise of someone’s life be polite and caring, use magic words like “Thanks” and “sorry”, apologies for hurting others unintentionally, be grateful for the people in return of their service. And the most important of all stretch your “zygomaticus muscles” and put a great smile that not only lessens your stress by “endorphins” but also of others.


Contributed By: Ramsha Mohsin
Mission Holder, Positive Pakistan
Faisalabad Chapter