Orthodox personalities with narrow mind and rout behaviors are worst creature I ever see on earth planet. They are ravel in norms strings with rusty thinking stones in feet. They are judgmental with inner god characteristics and hyper supposition quality. They are living align track with no productive growth of mind. They believed in phrase, “changers are sinners”. Change is horrifying idea for them. They show resistance for acceptance.

Now here is biggest secret of universe the “acceptance”.

Only a person with acceptance attribute can make life in count.

The improvement domain is purely base on self-recognition and self-assessment. A person knows well about its personality phases and deportment. Self-recognition is like driving your own car of life. If steering in other’s hand you are going to destroy.  A person cannot go far without self-assessment despite of having blessed opportunities. What if you are slow in learning or if you do not know how to swim?  It is always about counting. No one is perfect some are better some are bad. You are not mean to ashamed about things you don’t have. It is alright if you are short temper. Human body is nothing but a mixture of different elements. Ratio is different in humans but composition is same. A person is need to have positive intentions. Things are not as same as we think. There are two faces of coin, page has two sides, and our hand has upper and inner sides. Perception belongs to intentions. If a girl loves to talk, it does not mean she is flirty. Rocks collection is hobby to some but few use as beating weapon. Society set up is flawed with flawed intentions of flawed people. Arrange marriage of 7 to 10 years elder boy with girl quite fair but relation with two years elder girl is pure hell. Society values are biased with illogic concepts and ruthless custom. We need to absorb that rights are not lapped with compromise. Both are different words with different meanings. If you have right to live life on your own terms then why are you wasting it to make happy others. Do not make any flawed human ticket of your happiness. This is you who bless with life. Time is too short to waste it in waiting. You want it just go for it.

Remember two things when you perceive

  • Self -assessment
  • Is it really as same as it looks? Make sure about it. Even our space has three dimensions.

Be not blind in following flawed society. If you have eyes then use vision.

Contributed by: Khadija Anwar Mission Holder Positive Pakistan
(The author is student of BS Microbiology at Govt. College University Faisalabad,  caseworker, article writer and bibliophile.)