“Our children are as brilliant as we allowed them to be”

We need to consider some ongoing situation by analyzing past experiences and having future hopes. 

In past time, parents were strict. They wanted their kid to have a robotic life. Parents wanted them to live their life on their own terms and conditions. In academic, professional and personal, all what they do is intervention. If they want their kid to be doctor he/she must be doctor. Kids are not allowed to think. They had to follow norms. If a parent doing something a kid must had to adopt his parents. If a kid try to ask something he was quit by saying, leave this question, you do not have anything to do with it. So an era is complete by following the same culture and terms. A robotic life is ended. 

A present time is robotic too but not in human form but in technology view. Smartphones, laptops, Tablets, VLC media player all are masters. They show a path of ravish enjoyment and way of thrill. Today kids do not have human friends they have robots, Practical life data is installed in their minds instead of emotions. They are professionally mature but personally nothing more than a beggar. They live in era of confusion. Technology is constructive and destructive. It depends how your habits are. Today kid is hard to handle. He knew way of escape. Their minds are as modern as technology in world. But unfortunately parents are not going with them because they have still old routes. 

So, two eras are complete. Now it is time for a child’s empire. He must be creative and explorer. He must be inventor. He loves in searching. Comfort zones are worst thing ever, you provide to children let them fail, let them fall. A parent should know about priorities and interest. May be parents are ignoring bad signs of child because of insufficient time and afterward he became a destructive personality. So formats duty is for parents to give them time. Mothers lap is first classroom of a child. Let them wonder then. Make their morals high and roots strong. Help them to be their own hero. Let them have empire. Let them have air of freedom and modesty. A child should modest in morals technology and every era of life. 

“Children are uncut diamond”

 Come to grow new flowers nothing other than essence of modesty.  

Contributed by: Khadija Anwar
(The author is student of BS Microbiology at Govt. College University Faisalabad,  caseworker, article writer and bibliophile.)