Life is full of dark clouds with silver lining. No one can depict whether is it going brutal or polite. Every moment is challenging. Every moment is secret, but the one find answers who want to reveal. In surrounding full of danger, burden and poverty, a girl wanted to have garden with success weeds and flowers of ambition. Water is passion, more she gave more the garden flourish. It is hard to have productive mind and captive soul in a copy world. Nothing could beat her passion, she knew her ability. She always knew she was different. She was able to do lot things. Critics, boundaries, financial pressure emotional sensitivity none of them could stop her, she was free. Her soul was willing to see beyond limitation and criteria that world has set for itself. She had a world away from this harsh real world. She was her own hero. She motivated herself no one else did. She made struggle and achieved her goals. That sensation of turning dreams into reality was priceless. She asked she believed and she received. She knew the valley and value of dreams. She is not follower she is creator. Hate and critics made her unstoppable. She was inspiration for all the women who try to see world differently. Her life full of ups and downs but her positive soul and gratitude manner made her incredible person. She used her weakness, faced her fears yelled at her mind limitation. She got everything what she want. Every secret started to reveal. She became strong. In the whole journey she met some bad people, bad experience happened but she learnt. She did not give up. She believed sun came out from clouds, day came after night. Light is priceless in dark nearby and rainbow appear after storm.

From all the hardships and deprivation she constructed a bridge and achieved her destination. Allah Almighty gives equal opportunity and strength. Everyone is precious, win or loss only lies in mind. 

Contributed By: Khadija Anwar

The author is microbiologist, nature explorer and researcher.