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Cell Numbers: +92 322 6342648, +92 313 7577797

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    'I have full faith in my people that they will rise
    to every occasion worthy of our past Islamic history, glory and traditions'

    'Muhammad Ali Jinnah'

Founder & Chairman

Abid Iqbal Khari is a social activist, attitudinal trainer and much-sought-after motivational speaker to organizations, individuals and professional teams.

About Chairman

Positive Pakistan?

Positive Pakistan is a non political registered Trust. Its mission is to transform the current environment of negativity in the society through Character building of Individuals.

About Positive Pakistan

News & Blog

Positive Pakistan involves in and undertakes diversified activities that contribute in social welfare, youth & women empowerment and paves the way for a better society.

Latest Updates

Helping build youth & communities.

We empower individuals and train them how to make a difference in their communities.

Seminars & programs

We hold open discussion forums, seminars/webinars, workshops, study tours, recreational programs plus intra and inter provincial conferences

Young Leaders Summit

YLSs are held in major cities. Wherein eminent scholars, celebrities and world-class leaders frequently inspire participants with their experience

Young Intellectuals Forum

YIF is a platform for youth to interface with intellectuals, scientists and leaders with strata of expertise in open discussions

ALWANDI Encampment

ALWANDI is a blend of training expedition, hiking, and camping designed to provide a great outdoor education & recreational experience

A Talk on Personal Notebook of Alama Iqbal

Positive Pakistan is going to hold a Session named "A personal Notebook of Alama Iqbal" on 24th june 2023 at AIMS Education System H-8/1, Islamabad.

17th Young Leaders Summit (YLS)

Positive Pakistan is going to hold mega 17th Young Leaders Summit on 31st March 2019 at Convention Center, Islamabad wherein 20,000 Youth from across the country will be joining to get empowered Insha'Allah.

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Young Readers Club

Today’s Readers – Tomorrow’s Leaders

Young Readers Club is a platform where young readers get connected with our past heritage and rich history via books & audio visuals. Study circles of various interest are established where young members deliver presentations of their learning and findings from the past and present.


Our magazine is a great way to share our vision in print. PDF version of the newest edition of Positive Pakistan can be downloaded at this website. The Magazine contains news from the organizational activities, motivational stuff, excerpts from great books and columns, and inspiring stories of those who left a mark on the world. To get its hard copy, contact our representative in your area.

Membership Hierarchy

Membership level is conditioned with 5Cs

This is quite simple to be our member. You just have to fill in our online form at our website. Once you become member, you can accelerate through various hierarchical levels of our membership. A member is promoted to higher level of membership, keeping in view their 4 C’s:

  • Character(Overseas positive)
  • Commitment (towards cause)
  • Contribution (in volunteer work)
  • Conviction (Ideology)
  • Care (for others & environment)

A member also has to go through a syllabus that has been outlined for them to be a Mission Holder. A member can be a MH after 45 days of their membership.

Mission Holders

Once a fellow becomes our member, we offer them to be our Mission Holder. However this offer is made only to those who prove theirseriousness to take up our cause with a missionary spirit. They have to take an oath to work for our cause and abide by the rules and regulations of the organization. We expect our Mission Holders to observe a good level of passion, positivity and patriotism.


The performance of our Mission Holders is judged by Rahbar Council and it approves if they will be promoted to the level of Ambassador. To be an Ambassador of Positive Pakistan, a Mission Holder has to prove high degree of passion, positivity and patriotism.

It takes a Mission Holder minimum 6 months to be an Ambassador. The MH also has to go through a syllabus that has been outlined for them.


Rahbar is the highest level of membership of Positive Pakistan. This status confirms that their commitment, contribution and conviction is tested and they generally observe a very good moral conduct. Normally, this status is taken as a great responsibility in lieu of a privilege.

Rahbar Council is the supreme authority after board of Trustees that discusses and settles matters of great importance and strategic domain.

Rehbars 12
Ambassadors 53
Mission Holders 218

News & Blog

Positive Pakistan involves in and undertakes diversified activities that contribute in social welfare, youth empowerment and paves the way for a better society.