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Abid Iqbal Khari is a social activist, attitudinal trainer and much-sought-after motivational speaker to organizations, individuals and professional teams. He has decided to embark upon the mission of the Prophets and inspires and informs people, helping them realize their true potential. His common sense approach and deeply held beliefs have motivated countless individuals to re-evaluate their attitudes. With a passionate delivery, and warm personality, he connects with the youth. Unconventional, dynamic and entertaining; his presentations are ground-breaking explorations of the path to success. He has also undertaken exploratory research on and has deep insight into the philosophical wisdom of Allama Iqbal in the context of Management, Leadership, Ultimate Success & Universal Spiritual Laws.

He has also been presenting a regular TV show named “Positive Plus” on PTV-Home for two years besides number of talks in a variety of programs on numerous TV channels. As Founder President of Positive Pakistan Foundation (registered as a Trust), he is leading a team of large number of young volunteers which are working actively in numerous cities of Pakistan to instill 4 Ps (Purpose, Passion, Positivity & Patriotism) in youth. Under his leadership, Positive Pakistan has conducted more than 500 trainings which also include unique programs like Alwandi Leadership Encampment, Young Leaders Summits, Talk @ Tea Seminars, Ammi Abboo Summit, Understanding Iqbal Reverie and Young Intellectuals Forums.