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Positive Pakistan … What is it all about?

Positive Pakistan is an organization meant for young leaders who are inspired by the philosophy of Dr. Mohammad Iqbal – poet of the East. Its objective is to increase awareness of Iqbal’s “two nation theory” – the foundation of Pakistan among students through the motivational philosophy of Iqbal and strengthen their belief in the message “Faith, Unity and Discipline” as bequeathed by Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
Positive Pakistan team believes that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

Shikwa e Zulmat e Shab Se Tou Kahin BehterTha,
Apnay Hissay ki Ik Shama Jalatay Jatay

Our Mission

Revolutionary movement in its momentum, our mission is to change the current environment of negativity in the society, emphasize positive role of media and to enlighten youth with our heritage, trust within, character-building & our basic values as taught by our parents and elders.

Our Team
  • What so we do

    Learning from our past, we promote innovation, creativity by having open discussion forums, seminars/webinars, leadership workshops, study tours, recreational programs plus intra and inter provincial conferences to spread the message of Allama Iqbal and Quid-e-Azam.

  • Young Leadership Summit

    Positive Pakistan has initiated a country-wide youth empowerment movement and organized a series of conferences titled “Young Leaders Summit” in major cities of Pakistan. The objective of these conferences is to instill leadership, provide mentoring and promote our past and patriotism in Pakistani youth. Eminent scholars, celebrities and world-class leaders frequently inspire participants with their experience.

  • Young Readers Club

    Young Readers Club is a platform where young readers get connected with our past heritage and rich history via books & audio visuals. Study circles of various interest are established where young members deliver presentations of their learning and findings from the past and present.

  • Young Intellectual Forum

    Young Intellectual Forum is an initiative of Positive Pakistan providing a platform to youth to interface with intellectuals, scientists and leaders with strata of expertise in open discussions benefitting from their scholarly ideas and views.

Why Join Positive Pakistan

Why to be a part of the Positive Pakistan family? What’s in it for me? What it will do for me? How it will help me? ...... All these questions are natural.
We all know that in today’s competitive world much more training and skills are required than just a degree from a university. Today corporate Pakistan, multinational companies require thinking and creative minds, innovative leadership skills with positive character enriched with national history and heritage.
Positive Pakistan promises young minds an environment of open communication and opportunity to build their leadership skills with positive mind.

How do I become a member?

Simply completing an application form and adhering to the guidelines of Positive Pakistan, you can induct yourself to basic membership that can accelerate through various phases and hierarchal levels according to one’s progress of learning and applying to daily life. Various membership phases are:

  • Mission Holder
  • Ambassador
  • Revolutionary

A member is promoted to higher level of membership, keeping in view their 4C’s:

  • Character (Overall Positive)
  • Commitment (Towards Cause)
  • Contribution (In Volunteer Work)
  • Conviction (Ideology)

Virtual Courses

Positive Pakistan also offers three levels of virtual courses that help youth undertake their character-building and ensure their mastery on important soft skills like:

  • Leadership
  • Effective Communication
  • Interpersonal & Relationship
  • Time Management

The Three Levels of courses are:

  • Effective Personality
  • Charismatic Personality
  • Positive Personality