People who are crazy enough to say "We can change the world" are the ones who can do. The secret behind their success is that they Break the Shackles within them.

You can’t wait for the perfect set of circumstances. You can’t wait for someone else’s hand to pull you out, either. You’re born alone and you die alone. At the end of the day you’re the only person you can count on. So break the shackles of the mind and within you which are holding you back and bogging you down.
You are born to fly and that's what you should do!

Posiitve Pakistan invites you to attend a wonderful session to learn how to live a wonderful life by breaking all the barriers. We already have conducted more than 500 events from Karachi to Gilgit which have made a recolutionary impact on many lives.

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Shahbaz Irshad
Awais Raza Jolaha

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Only Rs 300/- For Lunch and Certificate besides learning a lot and networking.